Rep. Larsen Fires Aides for Inappropriate Tweets

First things first: if you were consuming alcohol at work, without the consent or knowledge of your employer, you wouldn’t dare post a tweet or Facebook status announcing to the world the specifics of your mischievous escapade, right?

Wrong. Apparently, this was not something three of Rep. Rick Larsen’s congressional aides thought of before they got caught up tweeting about their drinking-on-the-job, which included taking shots of Jack Daniels at their desks, bashing their boss and watching YouTube music videos.

Sounds like a party — minus the boss-bashing, of course.

According to, online newswire, NW Daily Marker got the scoop saying, “Over several months […] Democratic Congressman Rick Larsen, the D.C. office of Washington State’s 2nd District, has been the setting of a staffers-gone-wild bash, a binge of embarrassing behavior including insults lobbed by legislative aides at the Congressman himself and accounts of on-the-job drinking, all broadcast for the world to see on via Twitter.” reported that the Associated Press identified Rep. Larsen’s employees as legislative assistants Seth Burroughs and Elizabeth Robblee, and legislative correspondent Ben Byers.

Burroughs tweet, which can no longer be accessed, as the staffer’s accounts have been deactivated, said, “We have unabashedly given up on just about all things work related.” He also referred to Larsen as his “idiot boss.”

We should take the news of Miguel Torres and Rep. Larsen’s aides getting the boot, for inappropriate Twitter updates, as a fair warning. Be careful what you tweet, the little birdy WILL tell your boss!