Rotten Tomatoes Gets a Netflix Account

Rotten Tomatoes, the popular movie rating site and app which allows users to rate films on a ripe or rotten tomatoe ratings system, will now allow users to stream videos on their site through Netflix.According to, “if you spot a film on [Rotten Tomatoes] that you’d like to watch, you can simply add it to your Netflix queue or […] watch it then and there!”A user must have a Netflix account in order for this process to work, and only films that Netflix has on the ‘Watch Instantly’ tab can be watched immediately, otherwise the film must be added to your DVD Queue.

‘Rotten Netflix,’ is the name given to the merger and according to, a Google Chrome extension makes the merger flow effortlessly. Once installed “the ratings from Rotten Tomatoes are inserted underneath the movies on the Netfilx site.”

What likes about Chrome extension, is how smooth the final product is after they’ve cut and added inserts to the site.

According to, rotten or ripe tomatoes are also spread across the Netflix site so that users “don’t have to browse off the Rotten Tomatoes, and can scan at a glance which movies are worthwhile.”


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