San Francisco To Increase Minimum Wage

If San Francisco’s gorgeous bayside, looming hills and electric trolleys weren’t enough to get people to want to live in the city, maybe the increase in minimum wage will.

San Franciscans can party a little harder in the New Year when the $10.24 minimum wage starts kicking in.

The wage increase will make history, as the most expensive city in America will pay its residents “nearly $3.00 more than the working wages set by the federal government,” the Associated Press reported on Yahoo!

Residents passed Proposition L in 2003 which required employers to pay a minimum wage of $8.50 an hour and the city would adjust the wage according to inflation and cost of living.

Since 2003 those $8.50 turned to $9.92, but the locals aren’t too happy about the $0.32 price increase for next year. Small businesses may have to lay off employees to pay the federal, state and city payroll taxes AP reported.

Whether the raise sounds good to some and not as good to others, one thing remains true; San Francisco still shows “their support for the working-class in a locale where labor unions remain strong and housing costs are sky high.”

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