Sh*t ALL Girls Say

A few weeks ago, we posted an article about Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey’s “Sh*t Girls Say” making its way from Twitter to YouTube.

Following its debut on the video-sharing site, the video has caused a wave of parodies to take YouTube by storm, with several emerging under the titles, “Sh*t Black Girls Say,” “Sh*t Asian Girls Say” and “Sh*t Guys Say.”

Sh*t Black Girls Say,” by Brooklyn director Eljah Griffin, stars comedian Billy Sorrells, who stars as ‘Peaches.’ According to, Griffin describes Peaches as “a cross between a woman and a gay man sporting a goatee.”

Using the format that Sheppard and Humphrey have put into place, Sorrells’ character Peaches is shown “duh-leting” e-mail messages and getting excited about her favorite song saying, “That’s my jam!” The video has acquired 1,335,223 views since being uploaded Dec. 16. said, “As a board-certified black woman, I am just going to go ahead and say I think Billy Sorells’ ‘Sh*t Black Girls Say’ is funny.” also had a positive reaction to the video parody saying, “OhEMgEE, just watch Billy Sorrells’ Sh*t Black Girls Say already and see for URself! LOL!!”

While it has received mostly positive feedback, some have taken offense to the video. According to, Benita Miller said, “While those images are funny to those of us who are well-educated, some young people don’t know how to filter the message.”

Sorrells’ and Griffin were reportedly surprised at the backlash they were getting, and according to, Sorells said, “”We were just trying to amuse ourselves. We didn’t expect it to be viral.”

Sorrells isn’t the only YouTube user who has made a spoof of Sheppard and Humphrey’s viral creation. Ben Lee stars in “Sh*t Asian Girls Say,” a parody uploaded by Sh*tAsianGirlsSay and produced by Funk’d Up TV.

Lee is featured drinking Boba, asking someone to help her park her car and playing Mahjong — a dice game that’s commonly played in China.

YouTube user xAYEEEANGIEEE commented on the video, saying, “Okay, 120% accurate. LOL,” while another YouTube user, panamakira, said, “This is brilliant and ridiculously funny~ LMAO.”

Of course, these video parodies have not been limited to poking fun at stereotypical female characteristics, guys have also been targeted in a YouTube video, titled “Sh*t Guys Say Episode 1.”

“Sh*t Girls Say” creators Sheppard and Humphrey have since posted a second and third episode to the viral video series, with part two acquiring a whopping 3,123,960 views and part three coming up quick with 293,147 views.

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