“Sh*t Girls Say” Goes From Twitter to YouTube

Who would have known that a Twitter account documenting the very cliché things girls say would be a hit? Well, Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey knew.

According to vancouversun.com, Sheppard, a filmmaker who came up with the idea for the Twitter feed, teamed up with friend and graphic designer Humphrey to make their vision come to life. They called it: “Sh*t Girls Say.”

The Twitter account has become an Internet sensation in just nine months, with over 100,000 followers and a viral video to its name.

Sheppard and Humphrey introduced “Sh*t Girls Say – Episode 1” to the world Dec. 12. Since it’s debut, it has garnered 1,402,018 views, 28,828 likes and 602 dislikes.

The viral video features a cameo appearance by actress/singer Juliette Lewis, who was one of the first celebrities to follow “Sh*t Girls Say” on Twitter.

Vancouversun.com also reported that Sheppard and Humphrey met Lewis after tweeting “Hey, where are you?” to her. Lewis responded by saying, “Hey I’m in Toronto, who are you?” Soon enough, they were filming together.

“Sh*t Girls Say – Episode 1” follows the main character, a “female” Sheppard, going about “her” daily activities, acting in stereotypical female mannerisms and saying — well, sh*t girls say.

Some of the highlights include the main character fiddling through her purse, chomping on a bag of chips — as she watches a movie with a boy — and gossiping with a friend (Juliette Lewis) at a bar.

Some of the one-liners taken from the popular Twitter feed includes: “Could you do me a huge favor?” “Did I lock the door… yes,” “Twinsies!” “I hate trying on clothes,” “I know, right?” and “Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen.”

Does this sound familiar, ladies?

Sheppard told ABCNews.com that he and Humphrey expect to create a couple more videos, but are unsure of how long the enthusiasm over the videos will last “or if people will get sick of it being that it’s the same format.”

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