Social Networking Sites For Recovering Addicts

Posting status updates on social networking sites will typically capture the attention of other users on the communication medium, often prompting responses including general comments, suggestions and even encouragement.

Because social networking sites allow interaction between users, it has become a popular platform for various groups including communities for individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

According to, Racing for Recovery — an Ohio based non-profit organization dedicated to helping addicts and their families on the road to recovery through health, fitness and sobriety — offers a social networking site for recent sober individuals called Team Racing for Recovery.

The news site reported that Founder and President of Racing for Recovery, Todd Crandell, who calls the online community a “mini facebook [sic.] on our site,” said, “In the ten years we’ve been working to save lives, we haven’t seen this level of open and honest dialog about addiction recovery happening in other popular social media tools. So, we decided to develop our own.”

Team Racing for Recovery allows users to discuss the daily obstacles of addiction recovery with others who have gone through similar experiences.

However, Racing for Recovery is not the only social networking site for recovering addicts. According to — a Web site about alcoholism, addiction and recovery —, founded by Ron Tannebaum and Ken Pomerance in 2008, also provides a helpful community for recovering addicts. reported that Tannebaum said, “Kenny walked into my office and said ‘What do you think about a Facebook for recovery? We started working on it that day.”

According to the ITR Web site, individuals can find old friends, build new friendships, get help in recovery, create and/or join a group, find out about addiction, listen to speaker tapes and more.

While other recovery centers and organizations offer interactive communication via their Facebook and Twitter pages, Team Racing for Recovery and provide full Web sites dedicated to ensuring a comforting healing process for addicts.

Racing for Recovery joins a growing list of web resources for those dealing with addiction, mental health issues, and how to find and afford treatment.

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