Super Bowl 2012 To Stream Online

Will you be somewhere without access to a TV during this year’s Super Bowl? If so, then worry no more! This year, the 2012 Super Bowl will stream live online and to mobile devices.

Social media and tech site,, said, “In a move that bolsters the importance of non-traditional markets, the NFL and NBC announced Tuesday that the wild card Saturday, the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl will all be available online. Additionally, Verizon’s NFL Mobile app will also stream the games.”

According to, The Associated Press reported that it is unclear that payment will be required to watch the Super Bowl online or if non-Verizon users will have access to the game.

Allowing users to watch the video from a streaming source gives those who may no longer have TVs the chance to see the big game!

How will you Rockstars be viewing the Super Bowl this year? Will you be watching the Super Bowl the traditional way or online? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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