Take Advantage of Facebook’s Cover Photo

Regardless of your opinion concerning the new Facebook Timeline, we are keeping things positive by showing the benefits of the new changes. The new Facebook Timeline layout gives a new giant chunk of real estate — 850 x 315 pixels, to be exact. Now, combine that with the new “subscribe” feature, and this can be quite beneficial for your online brand in the long run. In light of that, here are some ways you can take advantage of your cover photo as a visual artist, popular personality or business/brand:

1. If you’re a visual artist (photography, graphic designer, illustrator, etc.), the Cover Photo can give your friends a quick glimpse into your portfolio.

By including your contact info and social media links within the Cover Photo’s image description, your friends/fans will have the ability to easily connect with you outside of Facebook.

2. If you are a company/brand, the cover photo is a great place to creatively showcase your visual branding. You can display updates of new product launches and/or updates to your subscribers, as well as other pertinent information.

3. If you are a major artist/personality, like YouTube musician David Choi, you can use this example of how to utilize the Facebook cover photo to help you in your online branding.

All you have to do is select and upload any image of your choice to create a Cover Photo on Facebook. For your convenience, here is a custom Facebook Cover Photo template brought to you by the NMR creative team:  [tweegi-button name=”FBTimeline”] (<– Tweet to Unlock Download Link For Cover Photo Template)

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