Tay Zonday Tweets About Interview On CBC News

YouTube personality, Tay Zonday, known for his 2007 viral video “Chocolate Rain,” tweeted today about his interview with Mark Kelley on CBC News (Canadian Broadcasting Centre).

Zonday took to Twitter to promote his interview on CBC saying, “Watch me lick my lips too much in this interview on CBC’s “Connect with Mark Kelley.” It starts at the 5 minute mark! bit.ly/s7bzVh

In the interview, Zonday talked about the secret to success on the video-sharing site, making YouTube a full time career and of course, his signature voice.

“I think success is really being able to be yourself, be authentic and have very close interaction with your audience, and if you’re so blessed to be able to make a living off of that then that’s amazing. That’s the pinnacle of what YouTube is — is thousands of people able to make a living and be very invested in being themselves and being authentic,” Zonday said in the CBC interview.

Since his first video upload in 2007, the YouTube star has worked on several recent projects that include original songs, titled “Baby I’m Not” and “MAMA ECONOMY (THE ECONOMY EXPLAINED).” You can check out his latest video, a cover of the popular Christmas song “Silent Night,” below.

Stay tuned! A Tay Zonday feature may be in the near future.