The Secret to Twitter’s New Layout

Social Media is based on a constant change of motion. The latest network to give its Web site and mobile app a facelift is none other than Twitter.

national TV commercial rolled out earlier this month featuring the new design, which instantly gained critical acclaim.

But there’s a catch: Not everyone has access to the revamped site just yet, and it’s quite tricky finding out how to be a part of the elite.

First, go to and log in. Click Help on the bottom right column. Next, select Twitter Basics, then choose How To Access Twitter’s New Design.

Here you will find a detailed explanation: “You may have seen Twitter’s new design featured around the Internet, or here in our very own help center articles. If you’d like to be among the first to have access [to] Twitter’s new design and have an iPhone or Android phone, you can download the latest version of Twitter for iPhone or Twitter for Android from your device’s App store. This will put you in line to unlock Twitter’s new design on the web.”

Now it appears one must be a Twitter user AND have your mobile app updated.

The site goes on to say: “You’ll need to log in using one of the methods listed above to unlock the new version of Twitter on the web (You may not see it right away, but don’t worry – you’re in line.) If you’d like to preview Twitter’s new design on your mobile device only, visit from your Smartphone’s browser.”

This is vital information available to the public, however not conveniently located. (Editor’s note: updated my mobile app earlier today, let’s see how long I “wait in line”).

The Web site has one final message re-assuring everyone in the foreseeable future: “Everyone will be automatically upgraded to Twitter’s new design soon – no matter how you access Twitter. However, mobile users who unlock using the method above will see the new design first. Please be patient, we’re trying to reach every person on the planet!”

So there you have it. The cool looking, space-aged Twitter theme layout is in fact available to the public. It’s now a matter of time, patience and luck until you see it for yourself.