Top 10 Entertaining Celebrity Tweeters

Twitter has become the most popular avenue to share photos and updates, your location and most importantly, your thoughts — sane or insane. Today’s generation is especially consumed with the now, so much that if you’re not relentlessly updating your own Twitter account, you’re following other users.

So which tweeters are able to capture our attention for more than a second in our society that craves the latest information? Typically, the users we follow tend to be celebrities, as it allows us to have a somewhat personal connection with them. Also, their ever-changing schedules call for frequent updates on, well, themselves. Of course, we found that some celebrities are more entertaining than others and deserve to be recognized for their enjoyable and engaging tweets.



1. We all know how humorous Daniel Tosh (@danieltosh) can be on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0. His hilarious and unrestricted commentary is certainly portrayed on his Twitter, with recent tweets that read, “So help me Steven Spielberg, if that f****** horse dies! Crying at the trailer of ‘War Horse.’ As if Christmas isn’t sad enough.” Apparently, Tosh is also a fan of pelicans, as he explains on Twitter: “If you must know. A pelican is my favorite animal – hangin’ on piers, talking to old dudes seems like a cool life.”

2. Katy Perry (@katyperry) may be everyone’s favorite California girl, but she’s also a top contender when it comes to interesting tweeters. Perry tweeted to put an end to the chitchat surrounding her marriage by saying, “First I’m pregnant & then I’m divorced. What am I All My Children?!”

3. Everyone knows Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) can dance and host a great show. If you haven’t checked out her Twitter, you’re missing out. DeGeneres — who joked about Cyber Monday by tweeting, “Today is #CyberMonday, which as we all know, is the day that robots take over the Earth” — keeps her followers updated and entertained with photos, videos and tweets.

4. Professional skater and TV personality, Rob Dyrdek (@robdyrdek), is no stranger to the entertainment world. MTV’s “Fantasy Factory” features Dyrdek and friends using his creativity and energy to do things we wish we could do on a daily basis. Dyrdek brings the same liveliness to his Twitter. He recently tweeted in response to an article that explained his getting legally ordained for his sister’s wedding that read, “I am also certified to name babies and bless houses… seriously.”

5. E!’s very own Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) knows how to keep her fans posted on all things Chelsea. Handler recently tweeted, “Tonight I will be appearing as a sexual therapist on Whitney. 9:30 on NBC. Period. Whitney gets hers.” This is going to be good.

6. First things first: Why hasn’t Steve Martin (@SteveMartinToGo) been in any major motion pictures lately? If you’ve been missing Steve Martin as much as we have, you can follow him on Twitter, where he talks about things like eggplants and Thanksgiving trees. Martin recently tweeted, “Taking down the Thanksgiving tree. The holidays were so short this year.”

7. If you’re looking for a place to party, Jersey Shore’s Pauly D (@DJPaulyD) will show you the way. Pauly D’s Twitter keeps his followers informed on his DJ appearances. “Yeahhh Buddy!”

8. Zooey Deschanel (@ZooeyDeschanel) may be a “New Girl” to FOX on Tuesday nights, but she’s been one of our favorite tweeters for quite some time now. Deschanel recently tweeted, “My Internet is not working and it feels like olden times. I’m sort of Laura Ingalls Wilder, but with 3G.”

9. If you love Travel Channel’s “No Reservations,” following Anthony Bourdain (@NoReservations) on Twitter will keep you informed on his whereabouts. This enthusiast has us entertained at all hours of the day. Bourdain recently tweeted, “Tonight I will drink. I will listen to sad Fado songs. And I will think of the chicken hearts who run this world.”

10. Margaret Cho (@margaretcho) had a pie-filled Thanksgiving, as she expresses on her Twitter. Cho has kept us filled in on her pie situation with tweets that read, “I am serious, that pie has to go now” and “Get that pie and all those Thanksgiving leftovers out of here. I mean it.” We couldn’t agree more and we’re thankful Thanksgiving only comes around once a year.