Top 10 Influential YouTubers

Anyone can make videos and post them to YouTube, but few have been able to capture an audience that would have been considered unimaginable back in 2005. Major YouTube personalities are now self-employed and have become celebrities in their own right. People are constantly on YouTube, searching for the latest videos — usually from fan favorites. What we noticed was that many of the top YouTube stars have become quite influential to millions of viewers, so we decided to put together a list of YouTubers that we felt made the list of top 10 influential YouTube personalities. Enjoy!

1. RayWilliamJohnson, who is currently the most subscribed on YouTube, with 5,102,573 subscribers, tops our top 10 list of influential YouTubers. RayWJ has kept us well entertained time and time again. His ability to bring together some of the most entertaining viral videos on the =3 show is perhaps one of the greatest ideas in a while. Why waste time searching for funny videos, when you can just watch RayWJ? Check out his latest video, “ENGLISH ACCENTS.”

2. “Movies In Minutes,” spoofs on popular movies, created by YouTube’s very own nigahiga, usually have subscribers begging for more. The YouTube star has even made special videos due to popular request from his viewers — a “Twilight” spoof was one of the “Movies In Minutes” Higa created for his fans. Ryan Higa comes second on our top 10 list of influential YouTubers, with 4,741,785 subscribers. Check out his latest video, “Things That Ruin Thanksgiving.”

3. The double act, known as smosh, on YouTube is ranked third on our top 10 list of influential YouTubers, with 3,791,214 subscribers. Since 2005, Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox have been celebrated on YouTube for coming up with humorous and off the wall videos. They have been committed to YouTube since the video-sharing site’s earliest days. They currently have a new Channel, called IanH, where they upload three additional videos each week. Check out their latest video on smosh, “THE LEDGEND OF ZELDA RAP [MUSIC VIDEO]” and the most recent video on IanH, “EPIC LUNCHTIME.”

4. After spending time with Joe Penna, aka MysteryGuitarMan, we’ve learned that you must love what you do on YouTube in order to reach success. You can’t just be in it for the money, which is an admirable recommendation for any professional practice. That said, we are so happy Penna loves being on YouTube because if he didn’t, we wouldn’t have MysteryGuitarMan. Penna’s story is encouraging to those who seek to find a line of work in something they are passionate about. Videos posted via MysteryGuitarMan feature Penna’s guitar melodies, computer graphics and filmmaking. Penna comes in fourth on our top 10 influential YouTubers list, with 2,188,939 subscribers. Check out his latest video, “Picture Good.”

5. JennaMarbles may have the biggest potty mouth around, but we can’t get enough of her queen bee attitude or “the face.” How she can restrain from laughing, while giving us that infamous bewildered look that is “the face,” we will never know. JennaMarbles currently has 1,706,258 subscribers. Check out her latest video, “What B****** Wear At The Airport.”

6. The charming ijustine who performs her own ‘spoof songs,’ prank calls other YouTubers and shares her wacky personal experiences with her 1,300,933 subscribers, makes the list as one of our top influential YouTube personalities. iJustine’s hilarious skits makes her Channel enjoyable to watch and we can’t help but feel connected with her crazy experiences. Check out her latest video, “Booty shakin’ in Pittsburgh.”

7. The WHATTHEBUCKSHOW’s Michael Buckley has energy like we’ve never seen before. He keeps his 1,154,327 subscribers interested in his commentary, perhaps his enthusiasm and hurried speaking habits have a little something to do with it. He is certainly an inspiration to aspiring TV hosts and we love his show! Check out his latest video, “Justin Bieber & Mariah Carey X-MAS SUCK!!!! — Taylor Swift in Les Miz? & Grammy Nods!”

8. With 519,209 subscribers, Tay Zonday makes our list of top 10 influential YouTubers. His phenomenal baritone voice has gained interest by many viewers. Zonday’s song “Chocolate Rain” was used in a video for Dr. Pepper called “Cherry Chocolate Rain.” Zonday also works as a voice actor, with credits that include AdultSwim’s “Robot Chicken.” Check out Zonday’s latest video, “’MAMA ECONOMY’(THE ECONOMY EXPLAINED) ORIGINAL SONG by TAY ZONDAY”

9. When the media caught wind of kinagrannis’ “In Your Arms” music video, made with 250,000 hand-placed jellybeans, she made major headlines. But Grannis is no stranger to YouTube, as she’s been creating music videos to accompany her original songs for quite some time now. She currently has 482,157 subscribers. Check out her music video, “In Your Arms.”

10. We said what’s up to the lovely Elle of whatsupelle last month to find — as we had expected — that her charisma exists both on-screen and off-screen. Elle’s dynamic personality is accurately portrayed through her YouTube videos of herself, her clones and her adorable daughter, Presley. Check out her latest video, “IS SOMEBODY JEALOUS???!!” Join the Ellegiance and become one of Elle’s 78,565 subscribers!

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