Top 5 YouTube Ads of 2011

Whether commercials were televised or strictly made for the Internet, ads on YouTube grabbed just as many views as the entertaining videos Kingsley and WhatsUpElle post.

The top 5 YouTube ads of 2011, however, combined the right amount of information and entertainment to keep viewers coming back for more laughs or to simply stare in awe.

1. Topping the list of most viewed YouTube ads, with 45,248,798 views, was none other than the adorable mini Darth Vader in The Force: Volkswagen Commercial, which aired during the Super Bowl.

The commercial, directed by Lance Acord of Park Pictures and edited by Jim Haygood of Union, was also ranked as the fifth most viewed YouTube video of 2011.

The video shows a child concentrating on things he wants to move or turn on using ‘the force,’ but seems to fail every time. He becomes completely discouraged when his mother offers to help by physically pushing his plate, which holds a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, closer to him.

That is until his father comes home from work in his 2012 Volkswagen Passat.

The commercial shows that with a push of a button, the all-new VW Passat will turn on, even if you’re standing inside the kitchen as your child stands in front of the car in deep concentration.


2. With 24,874,503 views, The T-Mobile Royal Wedding won its spot as the second most viewed ad of 2011.

YouTube’s blog said that the commercial was never intended to be aired on television, but was made specifically for the Web “to amuse, entertain, and to be passed around,” and that is exactly what happened.

The video was a spoof of the JK Wedding Entrance Dance, where the wedding party danced down the aisle.

In ‘The T-mobile Royal Wedding’ video, actors impersonating the royal family, including the Pope, danced down the aisle to the song “House of Love” by East 17.

At the end of the the video, the T-Mobile symbol pops up with the simple phrase, “Life is for Sharing.”


3. The third most viewed ad is the Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial- Imported From Detroit with 13,404,562 views.

The video which also appeared during the Super Bowl, showed raw images of a Metropolitan city, showing the beauty within the grime.

Driving through the city of Detroit in the all-new Chrysler 200, is Eminem who is an example of the success that comes from an underdog city.

As the narrator puts it, “This isn’t New York City, or the Windy City, or Sin City and we’re certainly no ones Emerald City…[here Eminem finishes the sentence off] This is the Motor City. This is what we do.”


4. DC SHOES: KEN BLOCK’S GYMKHANA FOUR; THE HOLLYWOOD MEGAMERCIAL, directed by Ben Conrad, came in third place with nine minutes of entertainment and 13,507,677 views.

Ken Block, professional rally driver with Monster World Rally Team, is the star of this epic commercial featuring him driving around the Universal Studios, Calif. lot doing stunts in a 2011 Ford Fiesta you would think a stunt driver in a luxury car would do in a Hollywood action movie.

He donuts his way around forklifts that are slowly moving forward, around a dead tree as he barely misses scratching the side of an antique car and around the set of an Epic Meal Time recording in progress as he makes his way around the Gymkhana four.

This video showed amazing stunts and action sequences all to promote Block’s sponsors: DC, Monster and Ford.


5. Jennifer Aniston’s ad for smart water, jennifer aniston goes viral for smartwater, features every trick imaginable to get as many hits as possible to make the video “get a virus,” as she puts it.

And with 10,119,109 hits, the SmartWater ad did just that, go viral that is.

In the video she has three “lovely Internet boys” helping her make the video go viral by adding animals, Keenan Cahill lip-synching, babies dirty dancing and flipping her hair in slow motion to get every demographic imaginable to click on the video.

It was her lovable humour, however, that was able to pull all these random tricks together and make the ad as successful as it was.

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