Top Five Best Places to Work

Time to start polishing up your résumé and practicing that firm hand shake because Fortune posted their list of “100 Best Companies to Work for” on page offers links to the best companies located near you. It lists them by company size, which companies offer the best pay and which offer the best perks.1. SAS, a software firm since 1976, located in Cary, N.C, topped this year’s list. According to their website, they are “the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market” and “the leader in business analytics software and services.” Their perks include on-site health care, $410 a month for child care, a summer camp for kids, car cleaning and a beauty salon to name a few.

One manager of the company told that the reason its employees want to stay is because they “feel regarded — seen, attended to and cared for. I have stayed for that reason…”

2. The Boston Consulting Group is a consulting firm that finds the highest-value opportunities for their private, public and nonprofit clients. What makes them one of the best companies to work for is the fact that they didn’t layoff any of their employees throughout the recession. As a matter of fact, they hired “its largest class of recruits ever in 2010.”

Employees are drawn by its generous pay and the companies “commitment to social work.” BCG offers their employees a chance to work with the U.N. World Food Program and Save the Children through there Social Impact Practice Network. After the earthquake in Haiti, the company also provided “on-the-ground support” for survivors.

3.  Wegmans Food Markets, Rochester, N.Y.’s grocery store who cares for “the well-being and success of every person,” makes top three on the list because they care just as much for the health of their employees as they do their customers.

A whopping 11,000 employees took part in a challenge where they ate five cups of fruit and vegetables a day and walked up to 10,000 steps a day for eight weeks. The company also covered flu and H1N1 vaccine shots for the 8,000 employees who took advantage of it.

4. It may not surprise people that Google makes the top five best companies to work for. The search engine that “[organizes] the world’s information and [makes] it universally accessible and useful,” offers its employees free food in any of its cafeterias, a rock climbing wall and they can even get their laundry done for free.

If those perks haven’t gotten you planning to move down to Mountain View, Calif., Google’s headquarters, this will. The best perk to date would have to be the 10 percent raise every employee received last year when the company’s revenue was up more than 20 percent!

5. NetApp, a data-storage firm located in Sunnyvale, Calif. that claims their “innovation helps lower your IT costs and accelerate your business,” had revenue that hiked up 33 percent, allowing the company to hire hundreds of new employees.

Every employee can enjoy free espresso everyday, free fruit on Tuesdays and free bagels with cream cheese on Fridays. But putting food in your tummy is not the best perk, as hourly executive assistants make $76,450 a year, with a bonus of $21,917. Now, that’s a perk.