Top Twitter Topics 2011

If the world in 50 years were to look back and see the top five Twitter hashtags for 2011, they might be left scratching their heads.This years top hashtags were a mix between breaking news, celebrity nut jobs and memes, which according to means “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.”It leaves us questioning, are the following hashtags all worthy of being top five?1. #egypt was the top 2011 hashtag that kept the masses waiting to see what would happen next. In January, Egypt broke out in a mass protest against former President Hosni Mubarek where many were killed and injuried.

The 18 day revolution in Tunisia lit the night with fire bombs, but in the end undid decades worth of suffering under the oppressive rule of Mubarek. Mubarek resigned and was pushed from office on Feb. 11 after losing the military’s and the United States support.

2. Charlie Sheen took bad publicity as good publicity to new heights in 2011. During his mental breakdown, #tigerblood became one of his most memorable hashtags on Twitter. The term was coined while on the “Today Show” with Jeff Rossen. He talked about being incapable of falling for addiction because he has “tiger blood.”

His breakdown began shortly after being fired from his hit TV show, “Two and a Half Men,” for insulting his boss, executive producer Chuck Lorre, calling him a clown and how much he “violently [hates] Chaim Levine,” which many saw as a slur towards Lorre.

3. @mariashriver is credited as the creator of the third hashtag of the year- #threewordstoliveby. Some tweeters selected thoughtful words like @DeaPranathania’s “#threewordstoliveby we are one!” or more humorous attempts like @ripleycal’s “Drink. More. Scotch. #threewordstoliveby.”

4. #idontunderstandwhy made to the top five list of Twitter topics with @juliacardie questioning “#idontunderstandwhy im not famous yet” and @Cougarooo’s “IDontUnderstandWhy I can be falling asleep at work but the second I get out I’m wide awake.”

What do you think? Was this hashtag worthy of beating out the fifth most popular hashtag #japan?

5. After Japan suffered a massive 8.9 earthquake which led to a devastating tsunami, #japan began flooding Twitter feeds alerting the world within seconds. The hashtag turned from terrible news of the event to ways of helping those effected by it. Rio Ferdinand, center back for the soccer team Manchester United, tweeted his condolences to #japan. @RedCross also sent tweets out for anyone willing to donate $10 to the “#Japan eq & Pacific #tsunami relief.”