Tumblr Memes: Silicon Valley Ryan Gosling

Despite a seemingly endless figure of memes on blog hosting platform Tumblr, “Silicon Valley Ryan Gosling” — a blog created by writer and artist Lian Amaris — has harvested the interest of many with its clever ‘Hey Girl’ nerdy talk.

Thanks to Amaris’ witty and humorous captions, which she positions on photos of “The Ides of March” actor, Tumblr users, avid in the tech community, can envision the possibility of there being a guy — somewhere in the world — as good looking as Gosling, with the mind of a tech guru.

“Personally, I crack myself several times a day, and I’m loving the positive feedback from the growing number of followers,” Amaris said via Forbes.com.

All jokes aside, thenextweb.com reported that Amaris’ idea for the Tumblr blog sprouted from an already-existing blog, titled “Feminist Ryan Gosling,” but geared toward those involved in the tech community.

“I think it’s more than Ryan being just a pretty face — he is somehow able to reflect back anything we want, or more precisely, we can project anything we want onto him. Most of his lines are based on my own experiences or those of my friends,” Amaris told thenextweb.com.

According to Forbes.com, Amaris launched the blog on Dec. 20 and three days later, after being featured on The Next Web, the site went viral.

Amaris plans to continue posting to her Tumblr blog and hopes to allow submissions in the near future.