Tweeters Allowed to Tweet in Theaters


If you’re like most Twitter users, you know you can’t just easily put your social life on hold just because you walked into a theater! You just had to tweet how jaw dropping Bella’s laced up back wedding dress was or how hot Ryan Gosling’s abs were in “Crazy, Stupid, Love.”

To the relief of Twitter addicts, and nontweeters, theaters all across the nation are creating separate seating sections known as “tweet seats.” reported that the seats will be positioned in a way that the bright cell phone lights will not be disturbing to viewers who are there to enjoy the film uninterrupted.

Übergizmo quoted Executive Director for Shakespeare Festival St. Louis, Rick Dildine, that because this has become such a trend, instead of banning cell phones why not let them tweet in their own designated spot?

Well played Dildine. Tweet seats will not only be available in movie theatres, but theatre companies, symphony orchestras and performance venues will also start providing audiences with “tweet seats.”

The reason for creating these seats are for promotional purposes said. The more people tweet about what they are watching, whether it’s good or bad, will translate into ticket sales.

Carnegie Hall in New York and the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC are exceptions to the trend and are still requiring  patrons to leave their cell phones unattended.