Twitter Gets a Facelift

Word of Twitter’s facelift has everyone talking about the social networking site’s new look. However, since accounts are slowly being modified, the rest of us are being left in anticipation of what kind of design we will have to tweet on from now on.
Fortunately, NewMediaRockstars has the scoop on the new layout. The design still consists of a homepage with a section to compose a tweet, an area with suggestions on who to follow, a corner for trending topics and a larger area where you can view tweets from all the users you follow.

The difference is, now, the design is much cleaner and easier to navigate, with “home,” “connect” and “discover” categories. The “connect” tab shows your mentions, while the “discover” tab explains why certain topics are trending. What makes this feature interesting is that with the old Twitter design, you would click on the link to the trending topic, only to find other users who have hashtagged the topic — not the story behind why it was trending.

If you click on your name, you can view your tweets, who you are following, your followers, favorites, requests, lists, recent images and other Twitter accounts that are “Similar to you.”

The new Twitter is not limited to fresh design features and categories; The social networking site now allows companies to add video content to their description.

According to, this is made possible through Brand Pages, a service that offers customizable headers and sticky tweets — an option in which the company can keep a certain tweet at the top of the ever changing flow of things said on Twitter.

Webmonkey of reported that the new Twitter also offers users an embedded tweet option that “works just like a YouTube movie, offering a short HTML snippet that you can copy and paste into any third-party website.”

For those of you who already have an updated Twitter layout, are you satisfied with the changes? Tell us your thoughts!