Twitter’s Funniest Moments

The end of the year is just a few days away and tweeters have enjoyed expressing their #2011FunniestMoment on the constantly updated social networking site.Although there were a lot of personal moments tweeters thought were funny; @Doctor_Drew takes the cake with: “#2011FunniestMoment When we all thought this scarecrow was someone passed out drunk on Robyn’s porch;” many tweeters agreed on some celebrity moments being the funniest.1. The top celeb #2011FunniestMoment was Kim Kardashian’s short-lived marriage to New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries.

@2012NewYearBaby combined two shocking news events by tweeting, “#2011FunniestMoment: Kim Kardashian’s marriage lasting shorter than the line of trick-or-treaters at Casey Anthony’s house.”

Kardashian’s marriage lasted 72 days and, as reported, people viewed the excessively extravagant wedding as just another business deal. reported, via Fox News, that Humphries was “blindsided by the divorce filing, and told TMZ he [was] still ‘committed to this marriage and everything this covenant represents.’”

Despite Humphries’ sincerity, Kardashian has moved on.

2. Tweeters second most mentioned funniest moment was Miranda Yeater claiming Justin Bieber was the father of her newborn child, or how @DaBelieberMafia put it, “#2011FunniestMoment when Mariah yeater [sic.] wanted to be relevant.” reported that the 20-year-old Yeater filed a lawsuit against 17-year-old Justin Bieber.

According to court documents obtained by Star magazine, Yeater “demanded the singer take a paternity test ‘to scientifically confirm’ he is the father of the child,” reported.

Many were left wondering why Yeater would admit statutory rape against a then 16-year-old boy when she was 19, but if it weren’t for this scandal, the Twitter world would have had a less humorous year.

3. The battle between Beliebers and #TeamShady came in third with each fan base battling out which artist was the best rapper.

When Justin Bieber raps better than started to trend, Eminem fans were not having it.

@Kaotic_Baby tweeted, “#2011FunniestMoment When the Beliebers trended ‘JustinBieber raps better than..’So #TeamShady did their job & trended ‘Eminem King Of Rap.’”

Now that is what we call fans!

4.  Harry Style’s epic fall on stage made it on the list with tweeters posting photos and videos of the fall on the social site.

We agree with @Jimmyprotestors when he tweeted, “#2011FunniestMoment He will NEVE [sic.] live it down.” and he sure hasn’t since it is still being tweeted, even after the fall happened back in September. reported that Styles, who is a member in the Xtra Factor boy band One Direction, was performing in a London club when the singer slipped on some cake left on stage after a food fight the boys had earlier.

Fortunately for him, the U.K. band unknown to Americans so far, will not have to live up to his blunder in the U.S. if Simon Cowell’s dream of breaking them into America becomes a reality.

5. Have you forgotten about the prophet who predicted the end of the world in May? Well tweeters didn’t, making this the fifth funniest moment on Twitter.

@IAM_FET remembered this moment with disbelief: “#2011FunniestMoment was when that prophet (forgot name) said the world was going to end in May! & people actually believed him.”

According to, Harold Camping, an Oakland preacher, was spreading the news that “[two percent] of the world’s population will be immediately ‘raptured’ to Heaven…” at exactly 6 p.m. on May 21.

Now this wouldn’t have been such a big deal reported, if it wasn’t for him having $120 million to his disposal. Camping, who has 66 radio stations in the U.S., got this fundig through support from his viewers.

The money raised was spent on more than 2,000 billboards and multiple camper vans with the slogan, “Blow the trumpet, warn the people!”

With radio stations running in 48 different languages and “[boasting] tens of thousands of followers across the globe,” it’s no wonder Camping’s declaration made such news.

@TBreezyLastKing coudn’t have said it any better,“#2011FunniestMoment when we was supposed to all die on May 22nd [sic.] 6pm but we are all still living!”

Well, maybe it could have been said grammatically correct.