User Sends YouTube E-mail About New Layout

Earlier this month we wrote an article about YouTube’s new layout, illustrating the dissatisfaction that many users had with the changes made to the video-sharing site. Though YouTubers seem to have moved on, NewMediaRockstars has acquired, with the consent of the anonymous sender, an exclusive e-mail sent to YouTube Partner Support, which details several suggestions for the site.
According to the anonymous sender, a YouTube personality himself, there has been an overwhelming drop in the total number of views. This is because the subscription module doesn’t work; as most views come from mobile devices (you get notifications sent to your phone when someone you are subscribed to uploads a video) — thus, making it useless because you can’t follow channels you are subscribed to.

“Subscriptions should be accommodating for viewers who are on their computers; not phones,” the YouTube star said.

He explained that in order to avoid subscribers being bombarded with all the video content in the sub box, the video-sharing site should consider re-introducing the “x” feature to subscriptions as well as the “X” to each channel that pops up in subscriptions.

Also, in order to alleviate the process of subscribing to different channels and to make it easier to stay current on new video uploads; he suggests that “the latest videos partners upload should show up under the channel name like before.”

The YouTube star clarified that most users don’t understand how the “Pinning” option functions, so using that method to stay current with the latest videos is not practical. What’s more, you can only “pin” up to 10 channels, which can be restricting if you have more than 10 favorite channels you want to subscribe to — and let’s face it, most people do.

“Maybe bring the subscription page back to what it was, but for the verticals, just keep a few of the channels in the top of the sub box for whatever number of days (without the ability to “x” it out),” he said. “Alternatively, the verticals can also be a ‘recommended’ channel that stays on the homepage.”

In regards to being placed on the homepage of the video-sharing site or receiving honors, the YouTube star said that partnered videos that meet positive reactions from viewers should be acknowledged for their efforts, as users will start to feel less of an incentive to continue producing video content.

Though he finds the “social” button — a button that allows you to share your favorite videos on Facebook and Google+ — a good feature, he feels the “channel suggestions” are unnecessary and arduous, as you have to do a lot of scrolling to find videos you want to watch.

The YouTube star closes his e-mail with a friendly note, asking YouTube Partner Support to make the necessary modifications that will help “all the partners get back on their feet! :)”

We’re pretty sure most YouTube users can concur with the e-mail sent, but what would you add to the list of changes YouTube should make? Tell us you thoughts in the comments section below.

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