YouTube is Alki Stevens’ Day Time Job

Melbourne Australian, Alki Stevens, 25, has a different idea about a day job. With his popular cone-ing videos being such a hit, he recently quit his day job as a “sawmill equipment salesman for Morbark Australia” to become the next YouTube star, HeraldSun.comreported.

“There’s enough money there to support me and I want to do a lot more sketches and stand-up,” Stevens told<p>

With 7,270,735 views on his “CONE-ING IS THE NEW PLANKING!!!!! (AlkiStevens)” video and support from YouTube star turned celebrity Justin Beiber, Stevens decided it was time for a career change.

“Next week I’m relaunching the channel with three or four pranks and skits and phone calls a week,” Stevens told

His cone-ing video was first posted in 2007 and shows him driving through multiple drive-thrus and grabbing the soft serve part of his ice cream cone.His other videos include “Gnome-ing (AlkiStevens),” where he randomly hands gnomes to drive-thru employees as they hand him his food, “FRUIT-ING #TheAlkiStevensShow,” where he hands drive-thru employees bags of oranges and sliced watermelon and his “BORED AT WORK” videos where he makes prank calls while at his former job. reported his “cone-ing clip ranked him ninth in Australian YouTube surfers’ top 10 hits for 2011.”

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