YouTube, Why the New Layout?

It’s been said countless times that people don’t like change. This rings true for almost every YouTube subscriber. According to, one of Google’s product managers, Shiva Rajaraman, said “We really felt like we needed to step back and remove the clutter…” And step back they did.

Viewers, like Anakindemon, a YouTube subscriber, have left comments expressing how “horrid” the changes have made it hard to navigate the site.

“The old system was USER FRIENDLY. This list of uploads and different things is ANNOYING. Youtube [sic] should give the option in the account/profile settings to go back to normal. Then see how many people revert to the OLD youtube [sic],” commented Anakindemon.

David Choi, YouTube’s music guru, doesn’t mind the changes.“The new YouTube layout is clean and with a few minor adjustments, I think people will like it better,” said Choi.

The YouTube team said there are three main changes:

1. The new homepage is intended to make finding and following Channels easier when they enter the site and the viewer can customize their own YouTube Channel line-up.

2. They are launching an improved Channel design which is intended to make finding videos easier.

3. The experimental design called Cosmic Panda will be used to give the entire site and overall new design.

Although viewers are everything but happy about the changes, the YouTube team had their viewers best interest in mind.

“We’ve used your feedback to improve our overall design, and today, we’re presenting a cleaner and simpler YouTube…,” blogged the YouTube team.

I wonder what the YouTube team will come up with, with the new feedback?

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