1 Billion Views: YouTube Nirvana.

Reaching 1 billion video views on YouTube is the digital equivalent of reaching Nirvana. As it is with any art form, understanding the method that professional artists follow is critical to your success. Each YouTube celebrity that has hit the coveted billion view title can attribute it to their innovative and unique brand of entertainment.

If your YouTube channel is struggling to establish a fan base, take a cue from a few 7 digit YouTube celebrities. Below, we will look at some of the biggest names in YouTube and analyze what makes their work so popular.



The key to RayWilliamJohnson’s YouTube success is the consistency and quality of the content he puts out. On an average the YouTube celebrity puts out two videos a week which adds up to 416 videos a year. If you want your YouTube channel to thrive then you must continue to give your fans a steady flow of videos that are engaging.



While nigahiga’s video posting is sporadic, the content he produces is well worth the wait. It is important to remember to be on the same level as your fans and have a good relationship with them that will have them wanting to return to you for more.



Friday is the magical day that every smosh fan looks forward to: the day a new video is released. The creative duo know that consistency is the key to creating a successful YouTube franchise.

What makes smosh unique is that their skits are topical and relatable. Plus, you get something that many videos don’t offer: bloopers and deleted scenes!



Currently, machinima has an astounding 3.01 billion views. Unlike many of the other YouTube channels, machinima has a specific target audience in mind and that is the gamers. Being able to focus on a niche audience and create content that caters specifically to them has certainly been beneficial to their success.



When creating a successful YouTube channel, it’s important to have quality content that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike! This is the formula that theannoyingorange follows. It is extremely important to be able to market to a larger fan base if you want your YouTube channel to be successful it is extremely helpful to have the ability to captivate a wider range of viewers instead of a select view to help increase your popularity.



If you are lucky enough to be able to work with well known actors, this will help increase the success of your YouTube channel. College Humor had the added benefit of being a well known website before they joined the ranks of YouTube. Having an established fan base is always beneficial to the success of your YouTube channel, but not always necessary.

Source: VidStatsX

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