10 Ways To Make Your Blog Famous

So you’re a routine blogger — you critique acclaimed films, both new and old. You have a passion for the industry and you want to be able to make it your full time job, but creating a successful blog, read by millions of unique and recurring visitors every day, can be a little intimidating. However, don’t be discouraged, as utilizing the following 10 tips can help you make your blog famous.


1. Find your niche: Choose a subject area that you are passionate about, but make sure it hasn’t been covered by the rest of the blogosphere. You want to make your topic is interesting and FOCUSED. You don’t want to be the blog that says it’s about one thing, but talks about — well, everything else. According to SmartBloggerz.com, having an interesting and searchable topic is important, as it could play a major role in getting more traffic to your blog.

2. Create a memorable blog name: Coming up with a catchy name for your blog can be difficult, as you don’t want to pick a name in haste — you want to think it through a little. Make sure that your name is simple, short, unique and easy to remember. Asking yourself if the name rolls off your tongue can be helpful. According to Chris Garrett of Chrisg.com, your blog name plays a crucial role in “blog branding.” Garrett explains that a sound blog name is “readable, pronounceable, spellable, memorable, concise and unique.”

3. Customize layout: Having a blog that is visually appealing is very important. Mastermindblogger.com reported that the layout can make the positive first impression necessary in keeping visitors spending time on your blog. If you are going to use a theme provided by your blog hosting platform, try tweaking it to fit your topic, while still making it clean, easy to navigate and eye-catching.

4. Blog on a regular basis: If you’re blog is inactive for more than two days, don’t expect your blog to become popular any time soon. Keep yourself in the game by being proactive about blogging. StayOnSearch.com reported that posting quality content on a regular basis can help raise the number of visitors to your blog.

5. Join blog communities: Create access to your blog by signing up with different blog communities. This helps put you on the map, allowing people, looking for interesting blogs to follow, to come across your blog. Also, it gives bloggers the opportunity to converse with each other. According to Mastermindblogger.com, Blogged, FuelMyBlog and BlogCatalog are some communities to consider joining.

6. Guest post on other blogs: Collaborating with other bloggers is another great way to get your name out there. ProBlogger.net reported that having an established blogger, in your niche, guest post on your site and then share it could mean a lot of extra traffic for you.

7. Comment on other blogs: Commenting on other related blogs can also increase your visibility. When you comment, you are engaging in different conversations with other bloggers, often leading them to your blog. If they like you, they’ll subscribe to you. According to David Wood of Workwithdavidwood.com, although commenting on other blogs isn’t as helpful as it was in the past, it could help you gain more readers and backlinks to your site. **SEO Tip use a major keyword and link your site for a quality anchored keyword

8. Promote via social media: Creating Facebook and Twitter pages to promote your blog is essential. Sharing your posts through both social media platforms can help build readership. Wood, of Workwithdavidwood.com, said, “You should be constantly networking with other like minded people, adding new friends and getting the word about your blog out there.” You can also use Twitter search to discover people tweeting about things related to your niche. Lastly, make sure to include visible social media share buttons in each blog post. This way, visitors can share your content and simultaneously generate maximum exposure for your blog.

9. Write Tutorials (How-To articles): Writing articles related to current news won’t stay current for long. Within the next 5 minutes of writing a post on the latest news, something else will have happened. According to Entrepreneurs-Journey.com, writing tutorials are always relevant and will “continue to bring in more readers over time as you and other people refer to it, even though it may be buried in the archives of your blog.” How-To articles are a very good way to build credibility to your online brand and keep your visitors coming back for more.

10. Use SEO practices: Using SEO practices can help make your blog more searchable. According to Netchunks.com, instead of looking for keywords in your completed article, try selecting them before you write. This way, your finished post will possess a more focused angle. Netchunks.com said, “You can easily figure in the keywords without compromising your blog’s quality standards as well as maintaining flawless SEO tactics to attract organic traffic.” For more SEO tips, check out SEOmoz.org.

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