5 Bloggers Turned Celebrities

If you’re not blogging on your free time, it’s safe to say you’re a little behind. With millions of bloggers all over the world, it’s fascinating to see how some have managed to shine among the rest — much less gain, a self-made, international fame for their extra time spent on the Internet. Still, these five bloggers have been able to capture an incredible audience through blogging, which, for each individual, has acted as a platform for greater things.

1. Perez Hilton: Infamous blogger, Perez Hilton, born Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr., founded celebrity gossip blog PerezHilton.com in 2004. The blog, formerly PageSixSixSix.com, gained recognition for its timely celebrity updates, accompanied with photos of celebrities, decorated with scribbles and captions. According to PerezHilton.com, Hilton has since launched a mobile and fashion website as well as written two best sellers, titled “Perez Hilton’s Red Carpet Suicide” and “Perez Hilton’s True Bloggywood Stories.” 247WallSt.com reported that the blog is now worth $32 million.

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2. Tavi Gevinson: Young fashionista, Tavi Gevinson, took the blogosphere by storm in 2008,  with TheStyleRookie.com, despite only being 11 years old. NYTimes.com said that since her first blog became an Internet hit, a now 15-year-old Gevinson has “written for Harper’s Bazaar,  served as muse for Rodarte’s Target line,sat front row at the Marc Jacobs runway show and been the subject of a profile in The New Yorker.” NYMag.com reported that in September 2011, Gevinson founded and launched an online magazine for teenage girls, called “Rookie” (RookieMag.com) of which she is the editor-in-chief.

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3. Rumi Neely: In 2008, fashion blogger Rumi Neely, of fashiontoast.com, caught the attention of millions, with her ability to piece together designer and thrifty items into perfectly coordinated ensembles. High quality photos of Neely modeling her newest clothing items, sometimes accompanied by short diary-like entries, with information on the clothing she was wearing and current updates on her life, made Neely’s blog a definite ‘go-to.’ According to SOMAMagazine.com, Neely now models with NEXT modeling agency. Fashionista.com also reported that she has modeled for and created a line with RVCA.

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4. Walker Lamond: If you’ve read any of Walker Lamond’s posts on his Tumblr, titled “1,001 Rules for My Unborn Son,” it’s probably safe to assume that you are in accord with most — if not all — of his rules of guidance. According to Wired.com, Lamond started posting advice his father gave him, when he was young, to his Tumblr in May 2008. Since then, Lamond’s “Rules” have been published, something he will now be able to share with his son.

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5. Julie Powell: If you fell in love with the 2009 movie about a woman attempting to cook 524 of Julia Child’s recipes in “Mastering the Art of French Cooking,” then you’ve certainly become acquainted with blogger/writer, Julie Powell, who went from working a monotonous office job, to blogging about her personal challenge, to getting a book deal. Eventually, Powell’s book became the basis for the movie “Julie & Julia.” According to USAToday.com, since Powell’s success through the Julie/Julia Project, she has written another book, titled “Cleaving: A Story of Marriage, Meat, and Obsession.”

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