5 Facebook Apps for Artists

Having your content viewed by the public is the most important thing for an artist, yet can often be hard to promote on social media.

You could write songs, create masterpieces and provide emotionally moving content, yet, without viewers, it will only be appreciated by yourself. That may be fine for some people but for most entertainers their craft exists to be seen, heard and admired.

The market for artists on Facebook is becoming increasingly competitive as creators look to social media to publish their work.

When promoting yourself and your work through Facebook, these five apps are crucial to increasing your traffic and creating new fans.


1. BandPage

BandPage could be the most important Facebook app for bands and solo acts as they conveniently incorporate all elements of building a new fan base into one app.

BandPage offers the following features to musicians:

  • Entire song libraries can be streamed right from the app, without links or re-routing.
  • Fans can share favorite tracks straight from the app, allowing subsequent tracks to be played right from their friends Facebook wall.
  • Bands can upload their own photos right into BandPage’s interface.
  • Videos can stream through the BandPage App.
  • Merchandise can be easily purchased without leaving the Facebook page.

With over 200,000 bands currently using the app and 30 million fans on Facebook,  BandPage is a must for bands.


2. Bandsintown

Bandsintown allows bands and artists to easily manage and promote tour dates and ticket sales on Facebook and their subsequent Tumblr, MySpace and Twitter accounts.

Even though there are several ticket selling apps available on Facebook, Bandsintown makes changing tour dates and self-promotion a simple process.

Bandsintown gives bands the ability to:

  • Provides ticket sales straight from the venue
  • Lets bands promote their own shows instead of venues or promoters.
  • Bands can manage their own tour dates and venue changes.

Bandsintown gives bands a level of promotion and accessibility to ticket sales that is unmatched by any other ticket saling App on Facebook.


3. Ustream

Ustream broadcasts video straight to an artists Facebook page so fans can enjoy live performances from anywhere in the world. The app is completely customizable to any artists’ taste and completely free.

Usteam offers several levels of administration features and social features that include:

  • Viewers can easily watch the broadcast from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Fans can receive Ustream notifications when a band is broadcasting.
  • Artists can require viewers to like their Facebook page before joining live broadcasts.
  • People watching can share live events with their friends.

Ustream makes sure that fans never miss a performance with a simple interface and instant access.


4. YouTube Video Box

Perfect for aspiring YouTube celebrities, YouTube Video Box lets users share videos on their Facebook fan page.

YouTube Video Box features include:

  • Allowing artists to feature their friends and fans’ videos easily on their Facebook pages.
  • Pre-existing YouTube accounts can easily be synchronized to a Facebook page.
  • Video browsing functions allow users to easily find new favorite YouTube videos.

YouTube Video Box seems like a simple Facebook app, yet it is imperative to cross platform social media marketing for artists.


5.Wildfire Media Suite

For those artists that can afford this service, Wildfire provides social media marketing support and customization on all levels. Wildfire lets artists stand out in the crowd with their social page builder, which allows users to create custom landing pages for Facebook.

Wildfire features a large assortment of functions including:

  • Custom page builder to easily customize Facebook fan pages to fit any artist style.
  • Wildfires messenger makes communication with fans and followers a simple and streamlined production.
  • The Wildfire dashboard lets creators track their performance against themselves, the competition and the industry.
  • The contest app allows artists to easily create contests for their fans to enter for prizes and prestige.

The Wildfire Media Suite’s basic plan will cost artists a flat rate of $5 plus $0.99 per day. However since it is a suite of various apps to increase social media performance, it seems well worth the cost.