5 Forms of Internet Marketing Every Online Creator Needs To Know

4. Email Marketing

No matter how popular social media marketing is becoming, email marketing is certainly not dead. Having a solid email contact list is still a valuable asset to your marketing arsenal. Tweets and Facebook updates release in an up-to-the-minute feed, which doesn’t guarantee that all your followers/fans will see your posts. Email marketing insures that every single blast you send reaches their mailboxes, which will result in a higher click-through-rate to your target site. I recommend MailChimp, as it’s a very reliable service in gathering and managing email messages.


5. Media Buy

This is a task performed under advertising management in which the acquisition of media space from larger sites — like Myspace, CNN, BBC, etc. — is sold at the best possible value. I put this last because you would need a rather large budget (at least $5,000 in most cases) for implementation. However, this term is always beneficial to know!

So there you have it! Did I miss anything? Make your comments below!

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