6 Tips For Gaining Followers on Tumblr

Wouldn’t it be great to see your Tumblr posts liked and reblogged by your followers? As a new media creative, you want to be able to reach out to all your fans via different social media platforms. Signing up with Tumblr, and understanding the basics of how to get followers on the popular microblogging site, could be beneficial to you, as it functions as another medium in which you can showcase your latest work and communicate with your fans. While there are a number of tips on how to gain a following on Tumblr, there are several that we found would best assist rising new media artists.


1: Post original and interesting content

Post videos, images and written content that’s exclusive to your Tumblr. You want to make sure that each of your blog posts appeals to your audience. For instance, YouTube sensation JennaMarbles posts photos of herself, her two pups — Kermit and Mr. Marbles — and some of her latest videos on her Tumblr. According to HowToUseTumblr.com, it is important that you post quality content if you want to have a successful blog.


2. Tag your posts

Tagging your posts will make it easier for fans to find you. This feature is necessary for new media artists, who have not yet reached recognition by a large audience. For new media personalities who have already gained a loyal following, tagging posts is not always necessary. According to ilovetumblr.com, fans can use the Tumblr search bar to find things they like, through tagged posts, such as emerging new media artists.


3. Follow, comment, reblog and like posts by other new media artists in your community

This is another great tip that you should consider using, especially if you are just starting out as a new media artist. According to Zigeek.com, if you follow, comment, reblog and like posts, you are more likely to “improve your Tumblr visibility.” Who knows, maybe they will find your work impressive and decide to follow you back.


4. Use posting queue to post regularly

If you don’t have the time to post a million different things to each of your social networking sites, try using the posting queue. This feature allows you to schedule posts, so that you can have a constant flow throughout the day. Remember, your fans don’t want to follow inactive social networking sites. BlueGlass.com reported that you can add posts and reblogs to the queue.


5. Allow fans to ask questions

YouTube star Kingsley uses this feature on his Tumblr. Encouraging fans to ask you questions can sometimes give you good ideas for new projects, as fans will often make requests to their favorite new media personalities. According to MakeUseOf.com, you can change your preference settings to allow fans to ask questions.


6. Promote your Tumblr blog on your other social networking sites

YouTube singer Greyson Chance, who was recently signed to Ellen DeGeneres’ record label (eleveneleven), promotes his Tumblr on his official website. Smallbusiness.chron.com reported that promoting your Tumblr, by posting the URL of your posts to your other social networking sites, can help you gain more followers.
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