8 Ways To Get Likes On Your Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook Page is crucial in building a fan base. With millions of aspiring new media personalities, struggling to acquire recognition today, having a Facebook Page could help one promote his or her work, whilst promoting oneself as an artist. Here are 8 ways that could help aspiring new media personalities garner more likes on the popular social networking site.


1. Create a custom URL

Create a custom URL that fans will be able to remember. According to SocialPoser.com, after you are able to gain at least 25 likes on your Facebook Page, you can modify your vanity URL to make it more recognizable to your fans.


2. Send fans to landing page

Sending fans to your wall may be distracting — and not in a good way. According to SmallBusinessNewz.com, directing fans to your landing page is more effective in persuading fans to ‘like’ your page. Include a compelling description, video, photo or incentive that will inspire them to like you.


3. Post frequent quality status updates (Hootsuite)

Socialmediaexaminer.com reported that it is important to post quality status updates on a regular basis to keep fans interested in what you’re doing. This will make them resort to your Facebook Page to find out about your latest work. You can use Hootsuite to electronically post status updates to your Facebook Page.


4. Suggest your page to friends and install ‘like’ button

Suggest your page to your friends to help promote your brand, you may be able to create buzz within your network. Also, according to fanpageflow.com, install a like button, so that when fans like your page it will show up on their wall.



5. Provide an incentive to fans who ‘like’ your Page

Carlocab.com reported that it is helpful to run contests, relative to your niche, for fans who like your Facebook Page. Make sure that the prize is desirable to your target demographic, as it will give fans an incentive to like your Page.

6. Post photos

Add photos to help make your Page more visually appealing to your visitors. Likethisfanpage.com reported that adding photos can also bring your Page to life, featuring your day-to-day activities and/or behind-the-scenes photos of your latest project.

7. Create a badge

Create a badge to include on your personal website. According to socialmediaexaminer.com, doing so will bring all your visitors from your personal website to your Facebook Page.


8. Interact and respond

Try to interact with your fans and build a personal connection with those who want to see you succeed. Problogger.net reported that it is crucial to engage in conversations with your fans — try your best to respond to as many comments as you can!

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