afterschoolspecial Releases “DREAMERS” Video

Rap/Pop/Alternative/Rock band, afterschoolspecial, has collaborated with the DREAMLAPSE Project to produce the “DREAMERS” music video on YouTube, which features over 20 media personalities.

The video is shot from afterschoolspecial’s DANakaDAN’s perspective, showing his adventurous encounters with different people, in various places.

According to, afterschoolspecial members DANakaDAN, Jaylen Green, Keane Aranita, Todd Olson, Victor Velasquez and Brian Figueroa have worked on projects with Far*East Movement, Souls of Mischief and Talib Kweli, to name a few.

When we asked DANakaDAN how it was working with an amazing crew, he said, “I can’t get over how supportive the community is and how accessible and willing to provide of their own time they are to help one another out. The best thing is the community feeling — feeling like your working towards something great.”

The afterschoolspecial emcee said that their ability to “direct and really see the great picture” is the best part about working with Scott and Daniel of the DREAMLAPSE Project.

“With so many shots being done months apart and in different places, it’s tough to really piece that together. They were able to do it,” he said.

DANakaDAN explained that coming up with an inventive idea, while still maintaining the overall theme of bringing the community together, was the main obstacle the group faced. You can check out what happened behind-the-scenes on afterschoolspecial’s website.

Also, being able to work around every talent’s schedule proved itself a challenge. Still, the group was able to include special cameo appearances from Cathy Nguyen, Aj Rafael, David Choi, Jason Chen, Jennifer Chung, Joseph Vincent, Toestah, Arika Sato, Kevin Lien, Dawen and Paul Dateh, Andi Terada, Geo and Chuck of Instant Noodles Crew, Wong Fu Productions and Ryan Higa.

According to DANakaDAN, another video is in the works. Of course, giving away the details will only spoil the fun, so stay tuned because he’s hinted at the fact that “it’ll be worth it.”

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