YouTube Stars Release Super Channel

Bammo-1-18-2012The super group known as BAMMO released their first full-length trailer yesterday. BAMMO consists of YouTube sensations MysteryGuitarMan, DeStorm Power, MIKE DIVA and the VFX collective Corridor Digital. So far, BAMMO’s channel on YouTube has close to 13,000 subscribers since their debut in December.

According to the official BAMMO trailer, the channel will offer original and separate content from all parties. First up is MysteryGuitarMan and his brand new show, titled “Sand Box,” which is described as “half show, half competition, half awesome”.

MIKE DIVA will be joining BAMMO with “Turbo Time,” which, by observation, looks like a variety show of insane proportions. DeStorm will be talking tech in “Upgraded,” which promises the latest updates on gear and gadgets.

Finally, Corridor Digital will be bringing their Sci-Fi project Synch to BAMMO. Little is known about Synch at this point, but if the crew at Corridor Digital is creating it, Synch is bound to be awesome.

Check out the trailer for BAMMO below and tell us what you would like to see from the channel in the comment section.


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