Celebrity Twitters: Personal Versus Publicist

Since its launch, Twitter has closed the gap between fans and celebrities so that fans now know what their favorite actor, comedian or singer is thinking every second of everyday.However, with all eyes on them, celebrities don’t have the luxury of loosely expressing their thoughts without getting nailed by the media or getting backlash from their fans.According to EntertainmentWeekly.com, “publicists generally aren’t sweating the social networking site” because most of the time celebrities know when to pull the reins.Ashton Kutcher didn’t seem to posses that skill when he tweeted his disappointment when Penn State football coach, Joe Paterno, was fired for not reporting Jerry Sandusky as a child abuser.

According to HollywoodReporter.com, Kutcher, not realizing the reasoning behind Paterno’s dismissal, tweeted, “How do you fire Jo Pa? #insult #noclass as a hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste.”

Mashable.com reported that Kutcher’s solution to this problem was to give Katalyst Group, a managing general agency, control of his Twitter account. But does putting publicists in charge of celebrity Twitter account defeat the purpose of reaching stars first hand?

Kanye West is the perfect example for artists who manage their personal Twitter accounts.

According to HollywoodReporter.com, Kanye West made news Jan. 4 when he went on a three hour Twitter tyrade, sending more than 70 tweets and leaving people wondering if he was under some influence.

“Pablo Escobar might be dead, but judging by Kanye West’s recent tweets, his coke lives on… and lives strong,” @grellan tweeted.

West didn’t seem to care that people and the media thought he was crazy. Although he hasn’t tweeted much since that day, he hasn’t apologized for getting his thoughts out or resorted to a publicist who will censor what he is passionate about.

Some of his fans saw his tweets as inspirational.

“Kanye West definitely falls under one of the most interesting, talented, skilled and fashionable men of this decade,” @VALvetcake tweeted.

With 5,992,646 followers and growing, it seems that fans are liking his approach to tweeting about what he feels passionate about, no matter how crazy he may come across.

Adele represents the artist who wants to take their PR in their own hands. When the soulful singer went on her account to personally tell her 3,080,215 followers that if they followed @drop4drop, she would take the reins from her PR team.

The crowds responded so quickly, it took the singer by surprise.

Although she has kept her promise, she hasn’t tweeted much; The fact remains that there is a big difference in how personal the account now is.

Where it used to offer fans details on where to get tickets for shows and news on her tour cancellation, the newly operated account offers more fan interaction as she posts photos of her feeding a “baby white tiger” or simply stating she is “watchin Gladiator, eatin an apple.”

The star now gets comments from fans, where the PR posts only got crickets.

Selena Gomez’ approach proves how mature she is for her age. The singer/actress shares her Twitter account with her PR team posting both personal tweets alongside tour dates and ticket information.

She stays connected with fans by posting photos and constantly remembering that it’s her fans that have made her as successful as she is.

Her Twitter is filled with thanks, prayers and Christmas wishes to her 9,527,954 supportive fans.

Her gestures prove that her appreciation for her fans is more than just words by constantly entering in sweepstakes and challenges that end in her meeting the winners.

Then, there are stars like Beyoncé, who don’t need to tweet to get a following of 2,572,385 fans, like in the case of the diva.

The Twitter account links to her website and, apparently, that is all the superstar needs.