Child Stars on YouTube

A lot of talented people have been discovered through YouTube; booking spots on talk shows, like Walk Off the Earth, or going on world tours, like Kina Grannis. But, just like Drew Barrymore and Kirsten Dunst started their careers as children, talented children with potential singing careers are also arising through the video sharing site.


1. Juliet Childs

Juliet Childs is the newest child star showcasing her talents on YouTube with her video, “My First Hardcore Song,” garnering more than 14.9 million views. reported that the Aussie native was visiting Rob Sharpe, a family friend and Australian heavy metal producer, when he decided to record her singing the song she, almost entirely, came up with on her own.

Kristina Childs, the mother, loved the video and recorded more footage of her daughter singing the song while at New Farm Park, and added it to the rest of the footage. After uploading it onto YouTube after dinner, reported that she received more than 1,000 e-mails on the video after three hours. had heavy metal reviewers take a look at the video and all agreed, Childs is the whole package.

“Juliet is completely adorable and totally BRUTAL! This video’s got it all, stuffed animals, real animals, trampolines and of course hardcore mosh,” Dave Davidson of Revocation told NY Daily News. “I also dug the sincerity of the lyrics, Juliet isn’t singing about political agendas or how tough she is, she just loves her dog Robert and her fishes damn it!”

Although her positive response has translated into 13,535 subscribers, T-shirts with prints of her lyrics and scowl and having her single on iTunes, reported that Childs’ parents don’t intended on accepting the deals offered by PR companies.

“She’s in Grade 3, she’s got homework next week so she’s busy,” Mrs. Childs told


2. Sophia Grace and Rosie

Ever since Ellen had the two Brits on her show, Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie McClelland, her hype girl, have taken both countries by storm.

Not only does the 8-year-old Sophia have an incredible singing voice, she has the hypnotizing personality that keeps you enthralled and laughing along at her killer moves.After watching the YouTube video of Brownlee rapping to Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” and McClelland dancing along, reported that Ellen just had to fly the girls over as guests on her show.

Since then, the duo have interviewed and sang to celebrities like Katy Perry, John Legend and Lady Antebellum on the red carpet at the 2011 American Music Awards. They also have their own show on their YouTube channel, even though they have been offered roles with Disney and Nickelodeon. reported that Brownlee is also taking over politics, not really, as she was invited to represent Harlow in the House of Commons with Member of Parliament Robert Halfon.


3.Alexa Narvaez

Jorge Narvaez and his 6-year-old daughter Alexa have sprung into fame with their father-daughter duet on Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ “Home.” But, as every YouTube star, the University of California, San Diego student never thought that his special moment with his daughter would get so much attention.

Those giving the video 740,171 views saw the little Narvaez sing her heart out while her father whistled and strummed the guitar, as he too sang along. reported that Alexa has gotten a bit too used to the attention as her father said, “she sometimes thinks she can get away with acting up.”

But with Edward Sharpe’s manager posting the video on the band’s website, Zach Braff posting it on his Facebook, Ryan Seacrest and other radio stations wanting to interview them on their show AND Simon Cowell sending him an e-mail, who can blame the little girl from acting like the diva she is becoming.

However, as Alexa tries “to negotiate for more TV time,” Narvaez told that whether or not the interviews and page views start to slow down, he still plans to continue onto graduate school. I wonder what Alexa thinks about that?


4. Maria Aragon

Maria Aragon may be the most popular YouTube child star yet with more than 47.7 million views on her Lady Gaga cover of “Born This Way,” which put her on the map.

Not only was Aragon invited to perform and be a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but she also had the honor of performing onstage with Lady Gaga in a concert in Toronto. reported that after her cameo at the concert, she “signed a recording contract with ABS-CBN’s Star Records” and wants her next step to be theatre.

“I would like to try theater because its [sic.] like a mixed [sic.] of acting and singing because I haven’t done anything with acting before,” Aragon told

However, after singing Philippine national anthem at the Pacquiao and Marquez fight back in November and promoting her album, she still wants to finish school despite the opportunities that may come her way.



5. Chloe and Halle Bailey

Chloe and Halle Bailey are the oldest child stars on the list, and have the voices and talent to continue their success into their adulthood. But their success didn’t start with YouTube.

Accroding to, the Bailey sisters are TV regulars with Chloe, 13, in “Meet the Browns” and Halle, 11, in “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.” Ironically, Chloe played a young Beyoncé in “The Fighting Temptation,” and it was covering many of Beyoncé’s songs, like “Love on Top,” “How to Love” and “Best Thing I Ever Had” that brought fame to their singing talents. reported that they have performed for the Trumpet Awards, the Soul Train Music Awards and a handful of benefit foundations for T.I., just to name a few.

They also reported that they are currently working on original songs, which they are writing and producing themselves.

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