CitiBank Rewards Members Through Social Money

Adele’s “21” album, an Apple iPad 2 and social media money? Citibank’s Thank You rewards program is extending their rewards from kids toys and electronics to “social currency” on Facebook “for charities, a group gift or a personal goal,” WashingtonPost.comreported.Head of Cities co-brands and the loyalty programs, Ralph Andretta, said in the press release via, that the program integrated with the social networking site will allow members to join with friends and combine their points “to book a weekend getaway or supporting a common cause.”According to, the program gives members the freedom to put their rewarded points towards helping “a friend fly home from college[…]” if they thought it was more important than the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for the PlayStation 3 game they were saving up for themselves or their boyfriend.

To celebrate the new point sharing app, the press release stated that Citi was giving away 10 million points in celebration of its launch.

The first 4,000 Facebook users who shared “Citibank US” on their page received 2,500 ThankYou points they could use towards any reward.

According to, after downloading the “ThankYou Point Sharing App,” users can start their “rewards pool by naming a recipient and explaining its purpose.”

The named recipient, however, will be the one in control of the points collected, so they advise “you know and trust the person.”