CitizenTube: YouTube’s News Outlet

Start adding YouTube’s CitizenTube to the list of ways you get your news, because it may be the only outlet that covers an event with the most angles.CitizenTube received a round of applause by substantial news outlets for their coverage of the Japan earthquake and following tsunami.According to, CitizenTube was gathering videos from first hand witnesses of the disaster recorded via “cellphones, point-and-shoot cameras, camcorders and just about anything that can capture video and make its way to the Web.” reported that although CNN and the BBC were covering the disaster, CitizenTube “emerged as one of the best places to go to see raw, live footage of the quake.”

Created back in 2007, Steve, YouTube’s news and politics editor, was excited about CitizenTube’s ability “to communicate with each other around the world” through videos submitted by viewers, but was adamant about having viewers send in their videos and responses to make the idea successful.

CitizenTube looks through news submitted via YouTube videos or mentioned on @CitizenTube and @storyful to compile a list of the top news of that weekon their blog.

A few of the top videos for the week of Jan. 16 was the “dramatic rescue efforts” for the cruise ship, Costa Concordia, which crashed into rocks in Giglio, Italy, the Syrian army agreeing to cease fire against the rebels and the celebration of Muhammad Ali’s 70th birthday.

CitizenTube’s channel showcases raw videos submitted by viewers and packaged videos from broadcast news, providing different perspectives and coverage on a newsworthy event.

Click a video on the playlist of the flooding in Kruger National Park and a full list of similar videos will appear on the right.

You’re not just getting one network’s perspective of what is going on in the world, but full coverage from people who are experiencing the events themselves.

Five years after it’s launch, it seems Steve no longer needs to urge viewers to send in their videos as the channel has more than 6.8 million upload views, 131,462 subscribers and more than 20 million channel views.

Have you covered an event that was featured on CitizenTube? If so, leave a comment and a link to your video below!

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