Converse: Social Media Through Music

Legendary sneaker company, Converse, has decided to tackle both the music and social media market in one fell swoop.

In this video by CNN Money, Converse Chief Marketing Officer Geoff Cottrill, unveils their plan to promote the brands image through both the social media and music industry.

Converse has recently opened a recording studio located at 130 Hope St. in Brooklyn. The studio will offer no strings attached recording sessions for artists looking to work with Converse.

The idea behind giving bands free recording sessions at a state of the art recording studio, is a concept that addresses two levels of marketing for Converse.

The first would be that bands recording at 130 Hope would continue to support Converse as a brand by wearing their products and supporting them in the future through their music.

The second level of marketing exists within the realm of social media. Once music recorded at the free studio is released to the public, Converse will have the ability to promote themselves simultaneously with the bands via Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

By giving up-and-coming bands the ability to record for free, Converse will guarantee that they will be automatically associated with hundreds of new artists through social media.

If you or your band want to apply to record at the Converse studio, you can sign your band up at their website.

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