Does YouTube’s Video Editor Make The Cut?

In addition to their polished new look, YouTube has released an update for its video editor. The editor will allow YouTube artists to make quick cuts on the go. It is not meant to replace major editing software, but instead help artists make last minute refinements.

The newly updated video editor still allows you to cut, enhance, and stabilize shots but now features a more professional looking time line and easier clip trimming options.

NewMediaRockstars creative team tested out the video editor today with mixed results. If you are looking to do quick shout outs or intros from a mobile device then YouTube’s editor will work in a pinch.

However if you need to do some serious editing or effects then the YouTube editor won’t cut it. Or as our creative team put it, “Plain and simple.The YouTube video editor is plain and simple. Don’t plan on pumping out the final cut of the next Avatar film.”

It took our team about 30 minutes to upload and edit the 45 second clip below, which speaks for itself as far as video editors go.

Have you used YouTubes video editor? What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.


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