Dr. Martin Luther King Remembered

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic speeches and courage is being remembered today, and YouTubers are contributing to the holiday.

Many users are posting archived videos of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” or “We Shall Overcome” speeches, which moved a wave of people to stand up for their rights or for the rights of the oppressed.

YouTube user, edwinmensah, spiced his Dr. King video montage of men and women being loaded into cop cars, being sprayed with water hoses and Dr. King being arrested, with music by Nas titled, “Dance.”

The video shows what black men and women had to endure so they can” reap” freedom as they “sow” through the injustices of the 1960s, while  Dr. King’s inspirational words are heard in the background, moving viewers both visually and audibly.

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