Gentlemint Honors The Manlier Side Of Life

Last week, Glen Stansberry and Brian McKinney launched the beard powered, Pinterest-inspired Gentlemint. The site shares several similarities with Pinterest, including an invite only structure and user generated content, but its content is what sets Gentlemint apart.

According to The Daily Dot, women represent 58 percent of Pintrest’s total users, leaving a lack of content for the male demographic.

This was a serious concern for co-founder Glen Stansbery, which he expressed in an interview with The Daily Dot.

“Nothing against Pinterest, but it’s definitely not a site built for men,” Stansberry told The Daily Dot.

Gentlemint is not a men-only site, however it definitely caters to the more masculine side of life. Gentlemint honors everything that defines male culture, from muscle cars to moustaches.

Since its launch, Gentlemint has developed a strong user base that is growing larger every day. Stansberry and McKinney have created something that taps into the classic archetype of masculinity.

Don’t expect to find images of designer cupcakes. Gentlemint’s homepage offers photos of burgers with names like “triple bypass” and “widow maker.”

Not sure if Gentlemint is the site for you? Just take this simple test to find out!

How do you like your meat prepared?

1. Well
2. Medium
3. Rare
4. It depends on the size of bear I killed and the strength of the campfire I built beside my log cabin

Congratulations! the test is over, if you answered D head over to Gentlemint and request an invitation now.

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