Getting To Know Kingsley On Tumblr

If you’ve checked out Kingsley’s YouTube videos or read one of his tweets, you know that his posts will make you literally start “ROTFL.” Even better, Kingsley’s Tumblr — filled with updates, videos and images of things he likes — offers fans access to another outlet in which they can stay updated and become more acquainted with their favorite YouTuber.

For instance, just five days ago, Kingsley made a post on his Tumblr that said he will be releasing new YouTube videos starting Jan. 10. In the same post, he revealed that “Ask Kingsley” will return Jan. 15, which falls on a Sunday.

While the YouTube star posted the same information on his Twitter account, he included an extra brief message to fans on Tumblr.

“The flooding of my inbox can begin anytime. Not that you ever stopped. Because you didn’t,” he wrote.

According to Kingsley’s Tumblr archives, the YouTube sensation starting posting to his Tumblr account in July 2011, with his first post being a rant on planking from his YouTube channel, titled “OVEREXPOSED: PLANKING.”

Since July, Kingsley has uploaded a slew of random funny images, updates and notes to fans, videos from his YouTube channel and animated photos of himself, giving fans the opportunity to learn more about the YouTuber.

For instance, Kingsley announced that he would be uploading his 100th video Oct. 26. He included an animated photo of Winnie the Pooh dancing around in front of a mirror and wrote, “*Sigh* I feel old.”

On Nov. 14, Kingsley used one of Tumblr’s most-used features and ‘reblogged’ a viral image that said, “My followers are beautiful (Reblog if yours are too)”

On Dec. 18, Kingsley posted an old photo of himself from his high school days. Below the photo, he wrote, “LMFAO I JUST FOUND THIS PICTURE FROM HIGH SCHOOL DURING SPIRIT WEEK WHEN I GOT 2ND PLACE EATING PIE”

Kingsley’s Dec. 28 birthday had fans creating animated images of the YouTube star with ‘Happy Birthday’ captions on them.

Kingsley made a post, titled “I AM F*CKING 21,” which included an animated photo of SpongeBob SquarePants. In the post, he wrote, “I CANNOT BREATHE I AM ABOUT TO DESTROY THE ENTIRE F*CKING CITY.”

With the “Ask Me Anything” section of Kingsley’s Tumblr, fans are able to interact with the YouTube star and — well, ask him anything!

One fan, ourboyjustinbieber, questioned Kingsley about what he really thought of Bieber, asking, “do you like justin bieber then, cause in your videos, you make fun or him but sometimes you say you love him ? haha”

In response to ourboyjustinbieber’s question, Kingsley said, “Whenever I talk about Justin Bieber, it is all in good fun. I think he’s great. I like almost all of his songs and he cracks me up with his #swag and #epicswag and everything. I think he’s cool and I loved Never Say Never. He just seems like a fun person to be around. He needs to cool it with the planking sh*t though. HEHEHEHEHE!”

Kingsley’s most recent post on Tumblr is a photo of himself with a caption, hyping his fans up for the latest ItsKingsleyBitch video.

“New videos in two days!! Are you f*cking ready?” the YouTuber wrote.

Be sure to check out Kingsley’s Tumblr at

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