Google Announces Controversial Policy

Google announced that plans are in motion to condense their 60 plus privacy policies into one streamlined super document yesterday.

In a video, Google explained that their unified policy will be easier to read and understand, with less technical verbiage. Google users will now have one unified document that will explain their privacy policies spanning applications like Gmail, Search, YouTube and Documents.

This also means that Google can now monitor users as one single entity across all of their products. Google will use information entered in one service and combine it with every other application you use throughout the day.

YouTube contributors and fans will now be able to find better search results and spelling corrections based on previously recorded information.

A policy that also tracks user information seems hypocritical and has been met with some controversy, however Google stands by their promise to keep users information more secure and uncomplicated with this new initiative.

The unifying  policy is scheduled to launch March 1.

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