Google+ Expands To A Younger Audience (How Can You Benefit?)

Teens disillusioned with Facebook can rejoice, Google+ has opened its doors to minors looking for an alternative means of social communication. Previously, Google+ enforced an age restriction to protect underage users from over-sharing and putting themselves at risk. If you have written off Google+ as a profitable social media site, this new development could make Google+ an invaluable tool for new media artists.

With 62 million users, Google+ is on it’s way to becoming a direct competitor with Facebook. If you are already using Facebook but not Google+, you are missing out on an additional 62 million opportunities to expand your social network.

Google+ will likely see an increase in traffic with these changes. This means more opportunities to connect with future fans through an additional social site.

For most YouTube personalities the 13 to 17 year old age demographic represents a large portion of their audience . This could mean the potential ability to establish a stronger web presence with your younger fans and followers.

In addition, Google’s social search feature will keep your Google+ followers constantly up to date on posts, tweets, and videos you have released. The only way to show up in social search is to have a Google+ profile. With the new Google+  social search feature, this could potentially mean more organic search traffic to your channels as well.

Are you a YouTube artist using Google+ to promote your work? Let us know in the comments section.

Source(s): Mashable, PC World

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