How To Avoid Getting Unfollowed on Twitter

You’re a new media artist, trying to make it big in the online community. You’re passionate and talented, but you’re struggling on the Twitter front. For some reason you’ve gone from having 116 followers to 97 in just three days. Naturally, you start to panic, wondering how in the world you’re going to get your name out there, if you can’t even keep people interested in what you have to say on Twitter. Of course, if you knew all the tricks, we would be out of a job, so enough talk — let’s teach you some Twitter etiquette.


Twitter Don’ts


1. Avoid spamming

Not many of you enjoy seeing an entire Twitter feed filled with one person’s tweets, so try not to be that guy/girl. Don’t overdo the irrelevant tweets about every single thing you’re doing (i.e. going to the bathroom, walking down the hall, etc.) Also, you want to make sure you aren’t being repetitive and tweeting links to your same blog posts (or whatever you’re using Twitter as a marketing tool for). Most Twitter users will find you bothersome and unfollow you before you even realize what you’re doing. According to, Twitter users view significant tweets that are useful to them positively. If you are aspiring to become the next Rumi Neely, a simple one-time shout out, telling your followers that you have a new blog post will suffice.


2. Avoid constantly sharing links

There’s nothing wrong with sharing links of interesting things you’ve found on the Internet. However, limiting your Twitter to untitled links will appear lazy and spammy. According to, the best way to share links is to use the space that 140 characters allows to attract your followers with a simple message that gets right to the point. This way, your followers will want to click on the link you have provided.


3. Avoid excessive retweeting

Retweeting is a great way to add other people’s thoughts to your Twitter account — maybe you feel the same way or just found it interesting and you want your followers to know,  that’s fine. Still, it is important to remember why you have a Twitter. For instance, if you are an aspiring musician on YouTube, you probably have an account for promotional purposes such as sharing updates on new videos. said that constantly retweeting can cause followers to become uninterested because it will appear as though you have nothing to say for yourself.


4. Avoid negative tweets

Daily gloomy and/or grumpy tweets are not attractive! If your Twitter starts to become flooded with depressing and/or enraged tweets, maybe it’s time to take a step back. People are turned off by negativity and will most likely choose to unfollow you. According to, offensive tweets will also result in the loss of followers.


Twitter Dos


1. Tweet on a regular basis

If you’re not tweeting regularly — regularly, not obsessively — there’s a good chance that your followers will forget about you. If you’re an inactive user, many will think that there’s no point in following you. You want to become familiar with each social networking site, especially if you’re trying to make it in new media, as acquiring the following you’re trying to achieve may prove itself difficult otherwise. “The more recent your last tweet is the more relevant it is for someone new to follow you if they stumble on your profile,” said.

2. Follow people back

It’s almost a gesture of courtesy to follow someone back. The fact that someone was interested enough in you and your tweets is pretty cool in itself. According to, you can choose to use an automated system, like TweetAdder, to unfollow Twitter users who don’t follow you back. This can often be the reason people unfollow you.

3. Keep tweets interesting

People don’t want to read tweets that are of no interest to them. reported that so long as you keep your tweets “valuable to [your followers] at some level,” they will be more inclined to keep you around.

4. Try to interact with followers

If a Twitter user retweets you, try to communicate with them or send @mentions to them. This will make your followers feel more personally connected with you. “Twitter is about engagement, not broadcast. So if you don’t respond to people, they’ll dump you.” said.

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