How to Light a Vlog on a Budget

In order to prevent your video content from looking like you filmed in your bathroom, NewMediaRockstars has compiled a list of tips that will help you increase your production value.

First things first — you need to be able to fit the criteria of a Rockstar, which means you must have:

  • A computer
  • Access to the Internet
  • A Camera
  • A Fabulous personality

Next, you will need effective lighting equipment to enhance the quality of your content. Here are some tools you can use:

1. Softboxes: Since most vlogs are typically limited to featuring a ‘talking head’ in a video, using a small softbox — with constant lighting — is an easy way illuminate your  gorgeous face. Softboxes are perfect for providing directional diffused light, which will create little separation between the vlogger and the background.

David Choi utilizes softboxes on his vlog channel -

2. Paper Lanterns: No money for softboxes?  No Problem! Paper lanterns can also provide a similar effect. You can find paper lanterns at Ikea or a local furniture store.

3. Bouncing Work Lights: You can also use work lights sold at hardware stores, like Home Depot. With work lights, you can bounce the light off nearby walls or foam core poster boards. However, we do not recommend that you point the work lights directly at yourself because they’re rather intense and have a slight orange tint to them. Warning: these also get very hot, so be careful when using them.
4. Giant Window: If you’re on a really tight budget, and you don’t have access to any of the equipment listed above,  using window light when the sun is low (the sun is very harsh at high noon) — with foam core poster boards to fill in shadows — can also work.
If you can afford to splurge on lighting equipment, you can use the Kino Flo lighting systems.

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