How To Maximize Your YouTube Views


On Jan. 10, YouTube’s Creators blog announced that they will be deleting false and inactive accounts which have bulked up YouTuber’s accounts. Because the number of subscribers reflects on a channel’s success, YouTube takes “the accuracy of subscriber counts seriously.”

They went on to say that sites like and are indeed violating YouTube’s Terms of Service and, what people are calling “YouTube Armageddon,” is intended to rid channels of these false subscribers.

You’re sitting at home scrolling down YouTube’s list of videos in the Comedy section when you stumble upon the latest spoof on “Sh*t Girls Say.”

Soundlyawake’s “Sh*t Girls Say to Gay Guys” leaves tears in your eyes from laughing so hard, so you click his other videos. Hilarious!

So you think to yourself, “I’ve got a webcam? I’ve a sense of humor? I can totally do this!”

Now you’re signing up for a YouTube account, sit down, edit the most amazing video in the history of YouTube and post it.

You’re sitting and waiting for the number of views to jump from one, your mother’s view, to one million, only to settle for the 124 views, while everyone is talking about the viral video of the kitten walking across a glass table.

There are ways, however, to get the amount of views you feel your video deserves. is a website designed to help you get more video views by “jump-starting your popularity.” The way it works is, the site gives you credits for every form of offers you fill out on the site.

You can then redeem these credits for number of “views, subscribers, comments or ratings.”

Because YouTube posts the most popular videos on the homepage of each category, if you are able to trade in enough credits for views, someone who may truly be interested in your video will have the opportunity to watch it.

Because to be honest, people can’t search something they do not know exists.

According to, although you can make purchases by only using your credits on the site, you can also spend your green bills, “if you don’t want to complete the offers.”

One of the free services offered by Enhance Views, is the automated sub4sub network which helps kick start your “number of subscribers on your YouTube account” by subscribing to other people’s accounts.

However, you don’t have to overload your account with all the subscriptions because you can have a secondary account automatically subscribe to those accounts and add those subscriptions to your main account.

Their second free service is the automated view system, which works the same way as the sub4sub system, only automatic views are sent to your account to boost your numbers.

The third free service is an auto-generated comments and video likes system to raise the ranking of  your video.

The comments posted on your wall can be written by yourself or come from their databases.

The one feature they offer that “is typically paid for,” but have free options, is when they showcase your video on their website for other members to view and comment. is the other website that offers a service to help boost the popularity of your YouTube videos.

Because of the amount of credits they award you to post on your “video of choice” depends on how many videos you view that day, they assure members that their site does not go against YouTube’s terms of service.

However, they do offer a fee for their services. For a month subscription, the cost is $29.99, for six months the cost is $139 and for a year the cost is $179.

You can also pay to have 1,000 subscribers to your account for $39.99 or 2,000 subscribers for $59.99. assures members that the traffic they will bring to your account is “genuine” and there are no “bots or automated processed […] used in the acquistion.”

According to their website, “the speed of delivery depends on the amount of users actively trading subs and traffic online.”

Their theory is that the amount of views reflects on the amount of subscribers you have on your account.

So get out there and get the attention your talents deserve!

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