How Modern Musicians Promote Themselves

The days of passing out fliers to get an audience for your music gig at the local café is so last century, thanks to the prominence social media has in almost everyone’s life.Having a Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and/or Tumblr account is such an important factor when building and engaging fans, that independent musicians have inspired Grammy winning stars to follow their lead.After all, in social media, everyone is created equal.First thing’s first, if you haven’t already recorded a video of yourself singing, you’re already behind.

Online videos don’t need the fancy edits and dancers in the background, like mainstream videos, to get the most views,.What the social media crowd cares about is raw, natural talent, without studio magic.

Once that video is posted on YouTube, you have the liberty to post it on every social media platform you’ve signed up with. The beauty of having so many social networking sites is the different types of people you attract in each site.

The photographer who follows you on Tumblr may not have stumbled across your Twitter, and the fashion intern who follows you on Twitter may not have found your Facebook as interesting as the former site.

Facebook has made it even easier to promote your videos through RootMusic’s BandPage app. The idea of the app is to start a chain reaction of shares from fans and their friends.

According to RootMusic’s Facebook page, musicians have endless options to reach out and communicate with fans which can become an overbearing process and only allow you to reach “a certain percentage of your fans.”

RootMusic created BandPages so aspiring musicians could reach out to all of their fans by being a “one stop shop for all artist info, tour dates, tracks and more,” without having to drag them to another site.

RootMusic also offers the option to post your BandPage’s updates on Twitter, so now you’re killing two birds with one stone… but please, not the Twitter bird.

OK GO uses their BandPage effectively by uploading their playlist so fans can listen, share and comment… possibly in that order.
Tumblr is a great platform to post photos of you getting ready to record and to post details of each video you upload.

Also, the option to re-blog an upload can help spread the name of an undiscovered musician’s video.

Tumblr makes posting videos, photos, slideshows and links easy forthose who feel they are technologically-challenged. With a click of a button you can upload an image, video or text into the box provided.

Posts can also be sent to Twitter and Facebook making it easy to manage all social sites.

By creating a hashtag, Twitter is the best platform for fans to get in touch with you. By just typing your hashtag into the search bar, you can see what and how many tweeters are mentioning your videos or praising your work.



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