Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg: GIFS Grown Up

GIFs have gone from twitchy collages of celebrities made by über fans on Twitter and Tumblr, to smooth flowing images appearing on films like Harry Potter.Engaged duo Jamie Beck, a photographer, and Kevin Burg, a graphics artist, have taken GIF images and perfected the art by incorporating a sparkle on glittered shoes here and a shifting eye there, on an otherwise still photo.

According to the couple’s website, cinemagraph.com, in 2009 Burg was fiddling with the GIF format, trying to bring still photos to life, but it wasn’t until he started working with Beck’s original photos that they came up with “the desire to communicate more to their viewer” than just a simple photograph.

Their website stated that they coined the new artistic process “cinemagraphs,” due to “their cinematic quality while maintaining at its soul the principles of traditional photography.”

Noupe.com reported that, through their success, they have “[carved] out a new niche within [photography] that would forever change the way we view and capture those once frozen moments from time.”

According to noupe.com, Beck and Burg use “high speed photography [while] animating the masked sections, of the images,” while theAtlantic.com added that creating these works of art not only involves still photography, but video photography as well.

However, they are no longer the only people using this form of photography, as artists have fallen in love with the concept.

Fernandojbaez.com created a tutorial on how to make a cinemagraph with a high resolution video recorder, a tripod and Photoshop CS5.

What makes these GIF graphics so much better, is the way they make the movements  flow continuously without visibly seeing the graphic pause halfway just to start the loop over.

On Beck’s Tumblr page, designed by Burg, you can see her photographs of the bright colors of AbuDhabi or Puma’s sailboats out at sea for their Puma Ocean Racing event, some tinkered through cinemagraph, which are sprinkled throughout her layout.

Burg’s more simple Tumblr layout showcases some of the same cinemagraph photos that are on Beck’s page, put shows he too can take amazing photos with his iPhone through instagram.

Both their Tumblr pages are customized by Burg and he provides links on his Tumblr of different layouts he has created and are for sell.