JennaMarbles’ Facebook Account Disabled

Type in Jenna Mourey on Facebook’s search bar and all you’ll find is her official Page and mock fan pages, but not her personal account because, according to Mourey’s Twitter account, her Facebook has been “disabled.”
On Jan. 14 Mourey started off her tweets with the norm; Tweeting about passing out after laughing so hard at Chris D’Elia at the Laugh Factory and watching Miss America on UStream, when she ended that days tweet with:

“Oh and my Facebook account was f**king disabled, not my page, my actual account. F**k you Zuckerberg.”

Today she Mourey’s Twitter account, to her fans that she couldn’t post anything on her Facebook, but that she’s “not dead,” only “ostracized from Facebook for no apparent reason” and gave “being too awesome” as the possible motive.

No sooner did she send her tweet when her fans started sending their reasons for the injustice.

One fan suggested O.J. Simpson didn’t deleted the account, but will write a book about it later, another said that Casey Anthony duct taped it and buried it in the back, while one fan hoped her Spiderman picture, which is well-known in her videos, would be able to save it.

@Kimmikki13 suggested that her account may have been deleted due to the  issue of the many “fake Jenna” accounts, only now her personal account is deactivated and the mock fan pages are still up.

The great issue which has resulted from this was made clear by Mourey when she responded to a fan’s tweet saying, “…Yeah not my page. My actual account [was disabled.] So I can’t get to my page. Ever.”

The last time Mourey updated her Facebook Page was on Jan. 11 when she uploaded her video for that day.

What are your reason for Mourey’s account being deleted?  Leave a comment below!

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