Kelly Oxford: Twitter Queen

Kelly Oxford, 33, takes being a stay-at-home mom to a whole new level. Even as she raises her three children in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; she finds time to be the snarky tweeter which has made Roger Ebert and Howard Stern just a couple of her more than 290,000 fans on Twitter.

She told TheGlobeandMail.comthat women can still be their quirky selves and still have their kids be their first priority.

“I always get the ‘You have kids?!’ and I think to myself, what is it about having kids that would make a person less interesting or entertaining?” Oxford told

Through her Tumblr and Twitter accounts she has proven to the world that being a housewife doesn’t mean having your personality sucked dry.

According to, Oxford never went to college, but has always had a passion for writing.

They reported that as a child, and in high school, she would create a newspaper to pass around “reporting on fictional murders and pets being eaten.”

“In high school, we only had 1,000 people and no school newspapers,” she told “I made up my own sheet and I would write down one liners…It was basically Twitter– one liners, stupid kid stuff I would photocopy and pass out.”

Based on her Tumblr, Oxford has been blogging since 1997, though reported that she started an anonymous blog, with the same humor she uses on her Twitter account, more than seven years ago.

“I thought it would be fun to have a site to talk about problems and make them funny,’ Oxford told

On her Twitter, she lightens the mood on topics about politics; “Cain, Perry, Bachmann all claimed God told them to run for President, and all are out of the race. God is hilarious;” motherhood, “Kids were fighting so I pulled my hoodie over my head and face then re-enacted their births through the hole. Shut them up;” and pop culture, “One of my kids said, ‘Whoa, Beyonce looks like she’s black on that magazine cover’ and now that kid is my favorite.”

Her Twitter page has gotten so much recognition that talks of her getting her own comedy show on NBC has been finalized and she will be coming out with a book of comedic essays.

According to, the sitcom will be based “on a divorcing couple and the wife’s overbearing sister– who try to raise their families together after the sale of their house falls through.” reported that in early December, Oxford, with Jessica Alba as executive producer, was to write a family comedy titled, “Mother of All Something” and air on CBS.

The show has since then been sold to NBC.

According to, HarperCollins will publish the “side-splitting” essays, “Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar,” this summer.