Kina Grannis: YouTube to Talk Shows to UK Tour

From YouTube to talk shows, Kina Grannis’ success continues to grow, proving that she really can do just fine without a major record deal.

According to, Grannis was discovered after winning Doritos’ Super Bowl contest, “with a major label deal at Interscope” as the grand prize, but “decided to give it up and go at it alone”, because people are just as capable of making it big without a major label deal.

In fact, her music video playing during the Super Bowl proved to be “the greatest launching pad.”

She told The Hollywood Reporter that she was playing at coffee shops and writing her own songs six years before she started her YouTube account, which boasts 498,836 subscribers and 7,782,104 channel views.

She joined YouTube on November 2007, but it was her “In Your Arms” music video, where she used 288,000 Jelly Belly’s to decorate her backdrop, that took her from YouTube star to World Touring artist.

She first appeared on CBS’ “Early Show”, now known as “This Morning”, on June 2011, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on November 2011 and, most recently, on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Thursday, to name a few.

Grannis will kick start her U.K. tour in Dublin on Feb. 1 and end in Madrid on Feb. 25.

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